Francis Menassa, JAR Capital: Seamless connectivity is the key to unlocking the next wave of technology

Francis Menassa
Francis Menassa

The world today is on the brink of a connectivity revolution. Thanks to advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, nearly every electronic device now has the potential to be connected to other devices and the internet, and in the years ahead the number of connected devices is likely to skyrocket. Indeed, according to research from Statista, by 2025 the number of connected devices across the world will hit 75.4 billion, 400% higher than the number of connected devices globally in 2015.

Without a doubt, one of the key ‘enablers’ of this technology will be 5G – the fifth generation of mobile networks. Offering super-fast speeds, enhanced reliability, and near-zero latency, 5G is set to play a major role in connecting the world.

Francis Menassa

Today, the rollout of 5G networks is still in its early stages. However, by 2022, Cisco estimates that 5G traffic will account for more than 10% of total global mobile traffic meaning that 5G is likely to create a substantial number of business opportunities for technology companies in the years ahead. With its ability to transfer massive amounts of data to the cloud for analysis in real-time, 5G will unlock a whole new world of exciting technologies such as autonomous vehicles, virtual reality gaming applications, and smart cities technology.

The next wave of technology

While driverless cars still appear to be a few years away, there are already plenty of exciting new connected products that are changing the way we live due to their innovative features. For example, just look at the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch – a smartwatch designed for children aged four to nine years old.

This smartwatch is unique because it has features designed to keep children safe at all times. For example, parents can track their children’s location and set ‘safe zones’ by setting up virtual perimetre alerts. The watch also has an SOS button that allows children to call emergency contacts. Overall, it’s a fantastic watch for children that provides peace of mind for parents. In the years ahead, we’re likely to see plenty more exciting products like this as technology continues to advance.

Francis Menassa

Connectivity challenges

However, the process of launching a new product is not easy. For a start, there are hundreds of different network operators across the world, each with their own unique IT architecture, and electronics manufacturers often struggle to integrate their technology with the network operators. Secondly, electronics manufacturers need to ensure that new products are fully compliant with all regulations. Thirdly, issues such as international customer support and the negotiation of tariffs need to be considered. Combine all these issues and the launch of an exciting new product can be a challenging process.

Platform solutions

One solution to these challenges is to use integrated service enablement platforms. These platforms are designed to provide full connectivity services between electronics manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

Francis Menassa

The key benefit of using an integrated service enablement platform is that they offer manufacturers the opportunity to scale products much more effectively. By using this kind of platform, product numbers can be scaled up globally into the millions quite easily as the platforms provide a framework for carrier network and third-party integration. They provide connectivity partnerships with major cellular networks such as Vodafone, Orange, and Verizon, meaning distribution channels and price structures are already sorted. They also secure attractive wholesale rates from carrier partners which can be passed on to manufacturers. Due to the fact that the infrastructure is already in place, electronics manufacturers can get new products up and running almost instantly.

In addition, integrated service enablement platforms can also provide a wide range of valuable services such as device management, billing and payments management, and customer support. Ultimately, they make the launch of a new product a far more streamlined process.

The key to a connected future

With technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and big data continuing to advance, we are likely to see some amazing new products in the years ahead. However, the key to success for many of these new products will be seamless connectivity. Without this, many products simply won’t be able to function effectively. That’s why the introduction of 5G technology is so important – with its lightning-fast speeds and superior reliability, it will play a major role in unlocking the next wave of technology.

Francis Menassa, the CEO and Founder of JAR Capital, began his wealth management career in London in 1996 with Merrill Lynch. Just five years later, he embarked on a career at Credit Suisse in 2001 before starting his own firm, Plumiri Capital, with his senior partner in 2008.

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